Our Story

With a lot of arm twisting, saying no, and thinking it was a bad idea. We finally decided it would be good to share Our Story. A story of how two people turned a negative struggle into a positive accomplishment. Recently married, great job, and two homes; everything seemed to fall into place until one day I woke up and found myself without a job and having to give back a home I truly loved. I had to make a decision, either ask my tenants in the second home to move out or move into a travel trailer behind my parent’s home. My wife and I didn’t have the heart to place our misfortunes on others, so we decided a travel trailer was just fine. People thought we were crazy to have a home paid for and continue to rent it out. Creating personal gain, while placing hardships upon others was not how we wanted to handle business; we actually got closer in our little home. We had each other and we had our ideas.

With our only income from our tenants, we had to prioritize, we paid our mobile phone bill, bought groceries, and insurance on our one car. While doing odd jobs with my father here and there, my wife started looking for ways to make money selling our stuff online. She would join websites, which were so complicated, they either wanted money upfront to be a member, or charged a ridiculous percentage to sell an item. My wife liked to use mobile apps, but we would have to go to town, or to a place where we could get signal to post or sale and item, which we really didn’t have money for. We never gave up, not having money to go out and do things, we decided, we loved garage sales. We would sit down on Thursdays and go through the paper and find the ones we wanted to visit. We’d spend a few more hours trying to find the shortest routes to save on gas. So Friday and Saturday we were off and running. We would find good deals and bring them home. My wife would clean them up and resale them online so we would have money to buy the things we needed. This went on for some time. It was our way of bonding and staying positive. We knew the struggle was real. We met so many people, listened to so many stories of what items meant to the sellers and why they had to sell them. One morning while online, my wife came to me and said, I can’t do this anymore.

The websites were so complicated, all they wanted was your money and didn’t care about the buyer nor the seller. My wife said as far as the virtual yard sales on social media, that was even more complicated, “You can’t find anything, you can’t purchase it online, and you have to go meet them. I’m not doing that, we don’t have the gas, nor would I feel safe”. I knew her frustrations, and I asked, what can we do? She said, “I wish there was a website that was built more for the people. For people that live in remote areas, a website with options, a website that gave you a more personalized experience. Why can’t there be a website that’s mobile friendly and easy to use. Why can’t there be a way to search yard sales online and it be able to give us the routes”. She would just cringe and ask, why? why? why? I told her, they’re out there, but we have to pay and they’re not all in one website. She lowered her head and said, “sometimes I just wish I had a Genie that would grant me three wishes”. So it hit me, If big companies can build a website, so can I. So I sat down and put an idea together of what I thought would be a great website. A website that thought of everything my wife complained about that would eliminate her issues. I went to my mother and father and told them my idea, they liked it, my wife liked it, and that’s all I needed. I got online and started looking for one of the best, most trusted web developing companies out there, little did I know they were just a few towns away.

Knowing we didn’t have the money to build a website, I remembered my dad telling me, “I’m as broke as the Ten Commandments and got more notes than a Piano”. I had to know if my idea was worth building. Walking into the web developer’s office, which had to be one of the scariest experiences that I had ever faced voluntarily. After a few hours of putting my ideas out there with no pen and paper. I didn’t even have a blueprint for them to look at. After an hour of them scratching their heads and brainstorming, they walked out the room for a bit, it seemed like forever, they eventually came back. Nervously looking over at my wife and mother, I said, “we are about to get the boot and get told we are wasting our time”. The developer appeared and with a positive look, the owner and lead programmer looked over at us and said, “we love your idea and think it’s what people are looking for. Even though there are plenty of sites out there to buy and sell your items. Your website delivers a more personal approach, by giving the seller a feeling of ownership and the buyer a sense of personal security. You don’t get that feeling with other websites”. They gave me a price I could live with and I gave them an honest answer they could accept. We shook hands and we were welcomed into the family.

Walking out the door of the company that would one day build our website, ended up being one of the greatest moments in my life. They visualized what we wanted and I knew they would be the very company that would be able to make it happen. Months passed and I eventually found a job, but my dream of building a website never left my mind. I knew what it was going to cost, so I started saving. A year later I called the web developer and told him I was getting close to having the money; I had been on my job long enough to get a loan. I was going to build it no matter what. A few weeks later in March 2015, all that came to an end. Oil field tanked and I was unemployed again, I still maintained my positive mindset; with our goal in mind, I put our plan in motion. I wasn’t going to give up our dream.

Now living in a small condo, a new car in the drive way, and a baby on the way. My wife looked at me and said what are we going to do. I said, I don’t know. The dreams of building a website was looking grim. My only income was the rental house and what little unemployment I was receiving. Refusing to make my tenants leave, I was determined to build the website. Six months later I gave the tenants an option to buy the rental. They understood my struggle and was proud that I had always looked out for them and now it was their turn to look out for me. They decided to move and I put the house on the market. My dream was starting to see light again, the house sold! I called my web developer and said, it’s been two years in the making. Let’s build it. I’m going to make this dream come true no matter what. So I used the money from the sale of the house and handed it over with a smile and no regrets. With no job in the forecast, no unemployment check, I continued trying to find work and doing odd jobs. I fell on hard times again. We leaned on my mother and father again for moral support and the occasional free dinners. I was determined to give back to the people who helped us and build something that would give them an opportunity. I was going to build the website, which put seller finances and their best interest first. So I came up with a logo and a name “My Yard Sale Genie”. It has taking on life! The logo meant three things to us; Opportunity, Wealth, and Prosperity. Those were our three wishes. Today you’re reading Our Story. It’s not a sad story. It’s a story of how myyardsalegenie.com came to be and how we are proud of the name and the goal to benefit all.

Mr. and Mrs. Wells
Mission Statement: Provide the average person the ability to have their own yard sale business accessible by any customer with internet access, and a site that is easy to navigate, provides yard sale locations, and secure purchasing.