Frequently Asked Questions

A. You have to be a member to list an item for sale or buy an item and as a guest you can browse the site.
A. No! Our idea was to create a site that you could join for FREE.
A. Yes. Your transactions are protected by the latest data breach and encryption methods.
A. Your item will be listed for 30 days and will automatically fall off after that time. You have a notification by email if you choose to relist.
A. Myyardsalegenie strives on keeping fresh content for you to view. If your item has not sold within 30 days lowering the price or donating it to charity is encouraged. However it’s your choice. We want you to have the power of controlling your Yard Sale by relisting.
A. Absolutely! If you can save on shipping. We encourage it.
A. Absolutely not! After 30 days the item will be removed for free and no charges will occur or you can delete the item via the User Panel.
A. We have several search options. You can browse by a radius search, member search, keywords or category.
A. We provide you with the ability to contact the seller or buyer through an email that is accessible on each of the seller's listing pages. The seller will then be notified by email of the buyer's questions and the seller can log in to the site and reply via the messaging system.
A. Yes. There’s a tab to add your favorite sellers to your list.
A. Yes. You will see several links to share with friends and family through a social networking system.
A. Since we don’t charge any upfront cost the Feature page is set up to pick items at random within your geographical region.
A. Absolutely! We also encourage it. Flea Markets, Consignment Shops, Thrift Stores, are all welcome to advertise on My Neighborhood for FREE. We do this to help our local communities get the word out without being pinned down by high cost of advertising.
A. My Neighborhood is a Free and no charge advantage. If you decide you and your friends want to have a weekend Yard Sale you can simply post the date and time you will be having your event. There is a simple User friendly format to enter your information and be able to post a few pictures of your items. If you decide you want to visit local Yard Sales, you can save the ones you want to visit and take advantage of our mapping system to provide all your routes, as a bonus for Free.
A. Absolutely! When you sale and item a link will be provided to determine shipping cost.
A. No. we have provided a shopping cart for your convenience and when you’re done you can go to the checkout option to finalize your purchases.
A. Yes. You can email us with your questions and comments to We do our best to respond within 24 hours.
A. There is no limit to the amount of items you can post for sale. This is your yard sale. If you have items for sale you can post it.