We wanted to create a tutorial page so you will get the best experience My Yard Sale Genie has to offer;




Homepage: Here you will find a list of functions that are easy to use and navigate.   .

Go Shopping!: This function will take you to the filter list. This can be very useful. All these fields are optional. Enter the preferences you want and hit search.

  • Items List: This page allows you to view a seller’s items. Once you click on the members name or pic it will take you to that items information. Do you know someone who has been looking for this item or simply just want to help promote this item. You will be able to share this item on social media located below the item.
  • Heart icon: This will place this seller in your favorite list. You can remove them at anytime by going to your Favorites.
  • Add to Cart: This function will place your item in your shopping cart. Your cart is located at the top right corner of your screen. This saves your item so you can continue shopping for other items. (NOTE! Though this item is in your cart. It’s still available for someone to buy until the purchase is finalized). You can also add items to your cart from other members Yard Sales.
  • Buy Now: This gives you option to directly go to the checkout page and purchase your item.
  • Make Offer: This function will give you the option of making an offer. Once you click, a make offer window will appear. You will be prompted to make your offer and be allowed to send a message. Once the seller receives to notification, they have the option to accept or decline the offer. You will receive a message in your inbox in the top right hand corner of the screen on your Notifications icon.
  • Seller's Items: This function will take you the seller’s other items they have posted for sale.
  • Report: This function is designed for you to report any illegal activity that you find offensive or against the Term of Service agreement. 

Post Item: This function take you to your item information page.                                                              


  • Item Name: This will display the name of the item you are listing.  
  • Quantity: If you have more than one item of the same thing. List the quantity of items you have available. The buyer will have the option to choose the quantity for purchase.
  • Price: Enter the price amount of the item you are listing (Example: 1 will be recognized as $1.00, 100 will be recognized as $100.00)
  • Weight: Enter the weight of the item here. (Example: 1 will be recognized as 1lb)
  • Category: When entering an item, choose a category in which your item will be recognized. Choosing a category will make it easier for buyers to find your item
  • Description: Giving a detailed description will help in selling your item. It will also reduce the questions that may arise.
  • Continue: Once all your info about your item is entered, this function will take you to the upload pics page.
  • Upload Pics: You’ll be allowed 1 main pic which everyone will see in the listed items. The other 3 pics will be shown on your item page for buyers to view. Once your items are uploaded, hit Continue and you’re done. You will have the option to view your listing.
  • Delete an item: Go to your Account page <click> Member History. Go to My Items. You will have the option to delete.


Favorites: This function stores all your favorite seller’s


My Neighborhood

     Are you looking to get out of the house? Are you looking to have a Yard Sale at your home and need a place to advertise? Here you can do it for FREE! Whether you have a Resale Shop, Flea Market, Consignment Shop, or an Estate Sale, advertise it here absolutely Free! My Neighborhood is your #1 source to search for all the places to find the best deals. Go to the “Start Searching” section below and select the radius of your location and check, list or image. Do you want to bring in the buyers? With our “User Friendly” approach, simply go to “List Your Yard Sale”, fill out your info with the prompts provided, add a few images and post it. That’s not all! You can share your post on social media for everyone to see. With our virtual map, Click “add to route” you can save time looking for those hard to find places through our easy routing system, by simply clicking “view routes”.  While you’re on the go, take advantage of our mobile app; Quick, simple and easy to use. Yard Sales have been one of America’s favorite past times. My Neighborhood was built to avoid the complications and inconsistencies of websites, newspapers and social media, by putting the power of generating income or saving you money at your fingertips.

My Neighborhood: This function will offer a drop down window giving you the option of Home, List Yard Sale or Start Searching.

Home: Will take you to the main page of My Neighborhood. The functions are listed below

List Yard Sale: Allows you to advertise your Yard Sale, Resale Shop, Consignment Shop, Flea Market or Estate Sale any time you wish, 24 hours a day. We created a simple process that you can follow below.


  • <Click> List Yard Sale. Enter your address, so members will know where to locate your Yard Sale through our mapping system


  • <Click> Continue. Enter your Yard Sale Name, Phone # (optional) and description of items you will have at your location. You will need to enter the Date and Time your Yard Sale will Start and End. A timepicker will prompt you to the times you select.  
  • <Click> Continue. This will allow you to upload 1 main pic and 4 optional pics so buyers can get a visual of your Yard Sale. Very helpful when looking for your location.
  • <Click> Continue. You’re done! You can now view your ad!

Start Searching: This allows you to search 5 miles from your location or the whole United States for live Yard Sales. You have the option of Map View or List View.

  • <Click> Start Searching: A window will appear, as an option, enter the City, State, Keyword, and the Radius you would like to search. You will have the option of List View or Map View.
  • <Click> Start Searching!
  • List View Option: This will take you to the list of all the Yard Sales in your area that you requested
  • Map View Option: This will provide you with a Map of all the locations you requested in the search page. <Click> on the Yard Sale signs and it will open up a window with the advertiser’s information about their Yard Sale or other Sales Venue (Estate Sale, Consignment Shop, Flea Market, Trades Day, Etc...) You will be provided with location, date and time event will start and end, description of items. Phone # (optional) and pics. There will be a list of functions provided to make your search even easier.
  • Members Items: If a member has items listed for sale in the Go Shopping section, click on this function and it will take to you to their page. (Note! Some members who are having a live Yard Sale will have items listed for sale in the Go Shopping Section. Take advantage of this useful tool. You can be the first to view and buy the item before someone shows up in person and buys it).
  • Add to Route function: When you find a Yard Sale or Ad you want to visit. <Click> Ad to Route. This will ad the selection of your Yard Sales to your Route, to view later.
  • View Routes function: When you’re done looking at Yard Sales or Venues. <Click> View Routes. Here you can view all the selected locations you want to visit. There will be an option to View on Google Maps.
  • View on Google Maps function: This option will do all the routing for you. You can setup the addresses you want to visit first or arrange them in the order you choose to travel.
  • My Yard Sales function: If you have posted any Yard Sales. You can edit them here